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Collaboration A.A. van Beek Fonds and Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds

Due to the collaboration of the A.A. van Beek Fonds and Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds, the application procedure, grant approvement and payments from the A.A. van Beek Fonds are processed by Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds.

Who can apply:

Fulltime students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam who:

  • go on exchange as part of the curriculum of their studies and for which they receive at least 15 ECTS;
  • have not previously received support from the A.A. van Beek Fonds;
  • qualify for an additional scholarship from the Dutch government (DUO);
  • preferably go on exchange for the first time;
  • preferably go on exchange outside of Europe.


Applications can be submitted via the application portal of Stichting Erasmus Trustfonds.

  • Click ‘Sign in’ and create an account
  • Click ‘new application’
  • Under ‘Grant type’ select the option ‘student support’
  • Fill out the form and add the necessary attachments
  • Submit your application in step 8 by clicking the button ‘Submit’

Before submitting your application, please carefully read the application guidelines.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Deadlines 2020:

  • 8 February 2021
  • 14 June 2021
  • 1 November 2021

We strive to process applications within six weeks. The departure date should be at least six weeks after the deadline.

Reporting Rules:

To report on the grant recieved, the A.A. van Beek Fonds asks grant recipients to provide the following information and documents:  
  • Copy of transportation ticket from the Netherlands to the destination of the exchange
  • Certificate demonstrating that at least 15 ECTS were obtained during the exchange
  • Report (approximately 1.000 words) addressing a.o.:
    • Whether the exchange abroad met the expectations of the grant recipient
    • What contribution the exchange made to the competence and learning of the grant recipient
    • Tips to peers planning on going to the same destination
  • Two pictures/images that visualise the experience during the stay abroad
  • A financial overview in the same format as the budget