Stichting A.A. van Beek-Fonds (UK)

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The Foundation A.A. van Beek-Fonds, instituted by Mr. A.A. van Beek, aims to advance academic education at Erasmus University Rotterdam. It does so by granting financial contributions to students and other individuals associated with the university who wish to acquire further qualifications within the curriculum and complement their studies through a consecutive stay of at least four weeks in Europe, and at least eight weeks outside Europe – in a country where Dutch or a related language is not the working language.

The Foundation receives its income, apart from interest on capital, from donations, annuities, testamentary dispositions, legacies, and contributions from patrons, supporters and benefactors. The Foundation has been given “ANBI-status”, which allows for considerable tax concessions with regard to donations and testamentary dispositions.

Notably former recipients of stipends are called upon to contribute to the Foundation, provided their social situation allows for it, so that with the trend to greater internationalisation more students can be supported.

Applications should have been submitted at least six weeks before departure. Applications should include: a letter in which applicant motivates the stay abroad, the application form together with the budget form, the details and justification of the budget, a recent passport photograph, citizen service number (BSN), curriculum vitae, a statement to the effect that the trip is made within the framework of the study programme and a copy of the EUR registration card.

Click the button Aanvragen to download the application form and the budget form.

After we have received the required documents we will notify you by mail before your departure.

Applicants must have been registered at Erasmus University Rotterdam for at least two years. Students completing their studies at other universities, or those with their central study programme in another university, are excluded in principle.

Dispensation from the two-year requirement may be granted to students taking a master programme at EUR. They therefore need to hold a WO-bachelor 3 diploma, respectively must be able to demonstrate they fully and successfully completed the bridging programme HBO-WO. They should have obtained the WO-bachelor 3 diploma from a university in the Netherlands, respectively should have taken the bridging program at EUR. In all other cases the two-year requirements is valid. Thus, students registered for less than two years who have not yet fully completed the bridging program are not eligible.

Second applications (after the first has been awarded) do not qualify for any support.

When the Foundation A.A. van Beek Fonds celebrated its 75th birthday, on 14 September 1998, it contributed to setting up a so-called Internationalisation Day. Until now it is still held annually, and each year the Foundation presents three prizes that are put up for raffle among the participants of the Internationalisation Day. These prizes can be cashed in combination with an exchange programme or other study abroad within the framework of the study curriculum, provided the other conditions of the Foundation are met.

On the occasion of the 75th birthday a Lustrum book was published that can be purchased by depositing € 20,- into account NL58 INGB 0007 6654 68 BIC INGBNL 2A, as long as stocks last.

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